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We build

Digital Federations

Our federations
connect demand
with supply.

The explosion of ecommerce has seen customers awash with new, global, supply options.
Where once buyers and sellers spent years building a small set of long term personal relationships, they now need ways to build trust quickly with new connections.

For Buyers

Our Federations give instant, trusted access to a marketplace of leading local suppliers, giving you confidence in price, quality and economic sustainability.

For Sellers

Our Federations enable scale by giving you access to the global demand for your products and services that being part of a larger marketplace provides.

Through ethical value exchanges.

Critical to the success of our platforms is the ingrained belief that they must provide both buyers and sellers with a value exchange, or mutual benefit, to create long term value.
In the B2B landscape these value exchanges come in the form of more rapid business interactions, or mutual growth.
In the B2C space these value exchanges revolve around providing consumers with a clear benefit in return for the use of their information.

That accelerate how people do business.

Our federations provide a clear path for faster results, empowering buyers and sellers to transact far more efficiently than historical norms.
Our b2b federations enable companies to explore new business relationships across the globe in more efficient ways, helping them to thrive in the modern economy.
When put to work in the b2c space our federations help consumers find what they are looking for rapidly from established local business, helping them support their own local economies.

A better way to do business

The value of federation.

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Our federated approach allows people control over their data, only exposing the information needed to complete the current transaction.
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We empower fair and quick exchanges of the information needed for complete transactions to accelerate commercial growth.


Our platforms flatten the market giving local providers the tools they need to compete effectively with the global platforms.

Privacy & the ethical use of data sits at their core.

As the online world has evolved we have become more conscious of its implications for our privacy as individuals and companies.
This new focus on the ethical use of data has major implications for companies and how they interact with the connected world. Opaque data practices that were accepted now pose a major compliance risk.
Working with international organisations for over 10 years has enabled us to predict and prepare for this new paradigm, enabling us to help you adapt.