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Growing, together.

Federations enable companies to collaborate in the open market.

Independent companies, working together.

Federation enables local companies to operate at scale in the global market whilst maintaining full ownership and control over their operations.
Reaching thousands of new customers without having to cede control of the core relationship empowers these companies to focus on building their own business, rather than boosting a global platform.
By working together in this controlled environment, these business can continue to grow business and employment at the local level.

Leveraging an industry wide set of information.

Federations allow participating companies the ability to combine and share information when it suits them, leveraging the knowledge of the whole market to better serve customers.
They are no longer forced to give up the core customer relationship in order to benefit from global scale in customer acquisition and information usage.
By working together to provide the technology innovation usually reserved for the global platforms, local industry can provide a comparable customer experience without losing the link to the local economy.

To help level the playing field.

The last decade has seen a rapid concentration of capability amongst a small number of global platforms, leaving local industry behind.
As they have scaled they have been able to invent or acquire the technology needed to effectively compete on the global stage.
This concentration of capability has created a small number of wildly successful platforms with key competitive advantages, putting local jobs at risk.

To grow the local economy via the global stage.

Local industry is the core source of employment and economic benefit for countries around the world.
Digital federations help local industry leverage the power of global digital systems to level the playing field to create local jobs and economic benefit.
As they scale these federations enable established local leaders to compete more effectively, boosting their output and growing local economies.

A better way to do business

The value of federation.

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Our federated approach allows people control over their data, only exposing the information needed to complete the current transaction.
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We empower fair and quick exchanges of the information needed for complete transactions to accelerate commercial growth.


Our platforms flatten the market giving local providers the tools they need to compete effectively with the global platforms.