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Competing, Together.

We enable established local companies to work together to effectively compete for customers on the global stage.


The market knows more
than any one company.

Our federations empower collaboration to harness this.

Know your customers, online & offline.

Consumers have rapidly moved to online transactions, up-ending industries and putting traditional customer relationship management under intense pressure.
Names, addresses and phone numbers are no longer enough to help companies maintain meaningful contact with their customers.
Industry needs a new approach, one that connects business and social interactions online, with the anchoring data of peoples real world.
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Immediate online interactions
Real time insight into customer needs and behaviour help tailor and time interactions.
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Stable anchoring information
Up to date contact and address information helps to improve service delivery and customer communications.

Understand what they are looking for.

Consumers are now interacting with thousands of brands and information sources on a daily basis, rapidly fragmenting critical information about their needs.
For companies to succeed in this new landscape they need a way of piecing this information together to provide seamless, customised services.
Our technology and federations empower consumers and business to share this information at the right time to speed up service delivery.
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Behaviour and Interest
Our Big Data AI systems combine and process billions of small behaviour signals to present a complete picture.
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Combined into a single view
With outputs that are understandable and actionable, enabling companies to better serve their clients.

Predict what they
will do.

The true value of big data and artificial intelligence is the ability it presents to replicate the traditional relationship between business and customer at a massive scale.
Our systems and services enable companies to provide a personal touch to their customers, in a world where authenticity and one to one communication is becoming scarce.
By leveraging the power of a market wide federation companies can anticipate what their customers will need, ensuring they they can direct resources to better serve them.
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Behaviour Prediction
Anticipating consumer needs, and powering pre-emptive communication can have a massive impact on conversion.
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Context Setting
Knowing not only what they want, but where and when they will look for it further increases conversion.

Connect & communicate securely & ethically.

For established local business to succeed in this new paradigm, it must connect and communicate with consumers in a way that increases trust.
Many companies find themselves in the difficult position of not being able to communicate as effectively with their customers due to concerns over privacy legislation.
Our systems and software take care of maintaining relevant global and local privacy frameworks, ensuring our customers can communicate with consumers confidently.
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Real time Compliance
For years we have been working with government bodies around the world to ensure legislative compliance.
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Managing Expectations.
Our systems support companies to operate within consumer expectations, improving overall sentiment.

Our technology tackles some big problems.

Benefits for the organisations

access to all your favourite platforms from one place
update your details only once!
trouble-free opt-out

Benefits for the consumers

showcase transparency to your users
streamline your users' personal information
make it easy!

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