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One to one interactions, millions at a time.

Our Digital Helix technology connects & combines billions of data points in real time to automate key business needs.

Leverage the power
of the market.

Digital Helix acts like a distributed ledger, connecting billions of disparate data points.
These connections form a unique, holistic view of consumer interactions, and empower a wide range of capabilities from address validation to communication compliance.
The Digital Helix sits at the core of the federations we power, creating a safe, legally compliant way for companies to work together to complete their customer identities and streamline businesses processes.
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20 years of compliance experience baked in.

As a company Covaler boasts over 20 years of experience dealing with sensitive information across multiple countries.
Trusted by The Australian Securities and Investment Commissions, The Australia Communications Media Authority and the IAB South Africa to handle personal and user data, Covaler is uniquely placed to help you deal with consumer information.
Companies that leverage our Federation Platforms rest easy in the knowledge that they are keeping pace with the evolving compliance landscape.
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GDPR & CDR compliance
Digital Helix is built with GDPR and The Consumer Data Right front and center.
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Informed Consent, & Control
Digital Helix enables consumers to easily understand what they are agreeing to, and wipe that data when they want to.

Solving core problems for highly disrupted industries.

We excel at helping industries coming under intense transformational change modernise their approach and leverage innovation.
From Financial Services to Media & Marketing we have spent years working with industries experiencing rapid change, sometimes struggling to keep pace with modern consumer expectations.

Creating new business models & opportunities.

Our Federation Platforms unlock new ways of doing business in established industries, helping local companies around the world thrive in the digital economy.
Our clients leverage lower capital costs and TCO to streamline their operations to find new, profitable opportunities to sell globally.
With a globally connected set of technology with on ramps to many of the leading platforms in Banking, Media and Information, Digital Helix unlocks opportunities traditionally out of reach of established companies.
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Ecosystem connections
Digital Helix is plugged in to many of the worlds leading data exchanges.
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Online & Offline Data
Our network of external resources enables companies to connect the offline and online worlds.

With consumer privacy & control front and centre.

Governmental and public sector need a way to solve the consumer data fragmentation quickly or they risk giving up the customer relationship to the platforms threatening their long-term viability. But established local companies don't have the scale to match this capability. They simply don't have enough consumer interactions within their own business to accurately put the pieces together.
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Data quality
In 2018, organisations estimated poor data quality alone cost them each an average of $11.8 million per year (Gartner)
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Consumer recognition
72% of consumers think companies should know their contact information and history the minute they engage with them.

Our Technology helps solve some big problems.

Benefits for the organisations

access to all your favourite platforms from one place
update your details only once!
trouble-free opt-out

Benefits for the consumers

showcase transparency to your users
streamline your users' personal information
make it easy!

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