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BIG4 Holiday Parks embarked upon a comprehensive digital transformation program in mid-2018. We undertook an RFP process to find suppliers with the requisite skills to drive each of the objectives of the program. Shortly, working with Acceleon, we achieved a significant uplift in the overall user experience, better scale and driving more traffic, enhanced speed to market and improved businesses processes and agile product methodologies to drive innovation and rapid development.

Ashley Workman, General Manager – Technology & Digital, BIG4

We hear day in and day out the promise of audience targeting when really we’re being offered remnant spaces of inventory across categories. Through the time that Narratiive have put into genuinely segmenting their audiences, with a myriad of options – we have seen our CPA’s decrease, giving our client’s better ROI.

Matthew Wilke, Head of Programmatic Media, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

The use of Narratiive’s demographic & interest audience segments’ has dramatically increased the on-target reach of our client’s branding campaigns. Utilizing the Intender segments for recent campaigns has had a significant and positive effect on performance.


Roli Okoro, Head of Precision, Publicis Media

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Build a complete, real-time profile of your customers, based on their total market interactions. Join our federated model to consumer identity called Digital Helix. Creating a safe, legally compliant way for companies to work together to complete their customer identities and streamline businesses processes.
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