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Acceleon and Narratiive merger

The Covaler bond

Trust, integrity and quality

In January 2019 Acceleon completed a merger with online audience measurement company, Narratiive (, and we created the umbrella brand, Covaler.

The merger creates a global opportunity to provide services which enable organisations to meet changing needs around data quality, governance and management supported by Big Data, AI/machine learning and customer lifetime value.  

A core consideration prior to building this new entity was to ensure our company values are aligned. What we confirmed is that not only that our values are lined-up but also that our vision of the future, both being technology companies, is the same. 

For all our clients, that means they will continue to experience a relationship built on trust, integrity and quality.  

They will also have first access to our integrated service offering, which we are looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months.  

As a leadership team of the combined entity and are incredibly excited about the opportunities presented. We believe this will serve to enhance the offering to our existing clientele.  

Should you have any questions, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Covaler Team

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