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A company built to support local industry.

Our mission is to help established local industry thrive.

We do this by providing leading local companies with software & services that help them compete together on the global stage.

Local companies
creating local jobs
in a global economy.

Empowered by a suite of digital tools usually reserved for global platforms.


The Covaler bond.

The name Covaler has its origins in the scientific concept of a covalent bond; a bonding of traditionally opposing forces that creates the world strongest and most sought after materials.
Covalent Bonds are the building blocks of materials such as diamond & graphite, strong, lightweight and highly valuable to people and industry across the globe.
We see ourselves as a catalyst for the commercial version of this kind of bond, bringing traditionally opposing forces together in a new way to create a much stronger, robust and valuable market.
We are Covalers, the builders of long lasting bonds.

A values based company with a moral compass.


The world is changing, fast. To navigate this rapid change, people need to have faith in where they are going, and know that when they get there, it was worth the journey.
Central to our core values is the idea that we will always work towards providing clarity for our clients, team and investors about where we see the world going, and how we as a group can get there.
This clarity is what helps everyone understand how what they are doing in the moment, builds towards a more exciting, valuable and positive future for all of us.


We operate in a world full of hollow buzzwords, and confusing jargon. The only way to truly standout in this type of environment is to come to work everyday with a steadfast belief in doing whats right.
Integrity builds trust, which accelerates outcomes, as groups of people who trust each other, can cut through the red tape that slows down the delivery of innovative solutions.
The central value means that you can rely on us to do whats right, own the truth, and stand up for reason, ensuring that the path we take together enables us to look back and say we did the right thing.


In 2020 the world can be a scary place, whether its a pandemic, or a changing business landscape, the groups that will thrive are the ones who have the courage to seek a better way.
We have the courage to say what we think, and to guide you on a path that is not always popular, but what data tells us is right.
We encourage this daily with a flat organisation, and a collaborative approach to decision making, ensuring the best decisions come from diverse thought.